Microcurrent therapy for face and neck on the legendary Ultratone Futura Pro (Great Britain)!

Microcurrents are a safe, non-invasive procedure

  • stimulates the production of its own collagen
  • rejuvenation, fresh and rested look lymphatic drainage action
  • relieves puffiness and stagnant fluid lifting
  • after a course of procedures, the skin is noticeably more toned
    eliminates dry skin
  • skin cells absorb nutrients better complexion
  • cells are saturated with nutrients and oxygen, blood circulation improves evens out the relief
  • due to the normalization of the sebaceous glands, the pores become less noticeable.

The procedure is absolutely comfortable, doesn’t cause discomfort and lasts 30 minutes.

After the first procedure, clients notice a visible positive effect. After a course of 8-10 procedures, it is possible to achieve a lasting result, and clinical studies have confirmed an improvement in the condition of the clients’ skin in 23 parameters.

Why doesn’t your cosmetologist recommend microcurrents?

Because this hardware technique using ultra-low power and amplitude currents is much more effective than many other types of treatments, cosmetic masks and a number of injections used by it. The full course of procedures is comparable to a facelift – without surgery.

At what age should you start the course?

This technique is suitable for both the prevention of aging and the fight against age-related changes. As soon as you begin to notice imperfections, it is worth starting to fight them, prolonging the youthfulness of the skin. So you will be able to delay the moment when more “serious” procedures are needed. Microcurrent face lifting is effective in all age groups, for women and men.

For clients over 40 years old microcurrent therapy should be applied in an integrated approach.The most pronounced effect of microcurrents is noticeable in reducing swelling, bruising under the eyes, combating fine wrinkles and sagging, improving complexion and skin hydration.

What course is needed?

We recommend a course of 8-12 microcurrent therapy procedures, 2-3 times a week.

The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. Immediately after microcurrent therapy, the client looks rested, you can immediately apply makeup and return to your business. Also, microcurrents are well suited as express care before an important event, when you want to look especially good.

Slimbar has special conditions for combining this procedure with a body wrap. In just an hour, the client receives a refreshing facial treatment and an effective wrap with professional T-Shock cosmetics. You will notice stable changes after 4-5 visits.

In Slimbar Kiev, all procedures are carried out only on European equipment with the use of European professional cosmetics.

Facial microcurrents – 30 min. – 500 UAH

Biotherapeutic microcurrent mask –  200 UAH

Author’s facial massage – 30 min. – 600 UAH